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Your travel guide to Egypt for cheap holidays

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Travel insurance tips for a safe holiday

Travel insurance aims at providing coverage for unpleasant circumstances that travelers might go through during their vacation that could ruin their holiday. It is not mandatory to have travel insurance when you go abroad but we recommend you do as it has proven to be useful in some situations. We advise you also to check the terms of the insurance policy in details so you will not have unpleasant surprise that a certain event that might happen to you during your trip is not covered.   You can compare between travel insurance plans from various suppliers and choose the best plan the suits your needs in your trip or you can get a deal for all your travel during a certain period of time.

Travel insurance can cover many situations like the following:

  • Medical travel insurance:
    This covers illnesses that can happen during your trip like food poisoning, diseases that you might catch like malaria. Medical travel insurance pays for doctor visits, prescription drugs, laboratory works, local ambulance service and covers emergency situations when a traveler needs surgery. Medical travel insurance can offer peace of mind that helps you enjoy your holiday knowing that being sick will not ruin your vacation.
  • Trip cancellation:
    Travel insurance policy can cover cancellation of your journey due to such situations that might prevent you from travelling like sickness, death in the family. In this case you will be eligible for compensation of what you paid for to go on vacation.
  • Travel delay:
    A travel insurance policy can cover your costs for delays of your trip due to weather conditions but unlikely to cover airplane mechanical delays. be sure to enquire about causes of travel delay or trip interruptions that an insurer will cover in the travel insurance plan.
  • Baggage delay or loss
    This unpleasant situation might cause frustration or spoil your vacation but an insurer will pay for your lost luggage according to terms of the travel insurance policy you get.
  • Car accidents or damage to rental cars:
    Accidents happen but a travel insurance policy would make them less unpleasant when coverage includes physical damage, loss or theft of rented cars. be sure to study the details of situations covered in the policy.
  • Emergency evacuation:
    A travel insurance policy would cover flight home in case of illness, accidents or other situations that require immediate evacuation or a long stay in hospital during a travelers trip.
  • Accidental death:
    Travel insurance policy would compensate for accidental death disability of traveler during a trip not in a flight accident. Be sure to read all terms of the policy.
  • Repatriating a body:
    A travel insurance policy would cover for the cost of repatriating a body of a dead traveller including administrative fees (death certificate and other paper works), body transportation (including preparing body and cost of container)

Basic criteria to choose a travel insurance plan

The main points you base your choice would be:

  1. Trusted reliable supplier
    Make sure your travel insurance supplier is back up by some of the world's well known travel insurance companies such as Lloyd's, Mondial Assistance, IHI Bupa International and Millstream Underwriting which can provide cover, premium 24/7 emergency assistance and high levels of customer support and claims management.
  2. Value for money with the cover
    Focus on what you need most or what you anticipate might happen during your trip this way you will be able to evaluate travel insurance plans and choose the one that give you the cover you need for the money you will pay.
  3. Flexibility when you need it most
    Had a change of plans? sea how flexible your travel insurer can provide and make this point a criteria to base your comparison on.
  4. Cover for a range of situations
    A good travel insurance plan would cover for all situations you might face during your journey with terms easily read and understood not to be surprised that you are not covered for events when you think you are.

  5. Good customer service
    Make sure you find who answers your questions and solves any problem you might face. a good customer service is always present when you need it.

Safety begins with planning and a good plan includes taking into consideration any unforeseen events that might happen during your trip this is where travel insurance comes in place that will help you enjoy a holiday and not thinking of the worst as it will be covered and you will be compensated for.

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