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Car rentals Egypt, hire a car to move around at your convenience

You can hire a car to pick you up from Cairo airport or any where else in Egypt at your desired date and time. You have a wide range of choices in rented cars as well as driver to make your trip as comfortable as possible. You can either drive the car yourself or have an experienced driver ready to take you to your favourite destinations.

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To get the best deal we have added an online form to compare between several car rentals that offer car hire services all over the world. Compare between several car hire suppliers and choose the best deal you can find. You can book a car online or by phone depending on the car hire supplier.

There are all types and models of cars to choose from when you rent a car


Benefits of renting a car on your journey

Car rental helps you enjoy your holiday in Egypt with a comfortable transportation. Car rental offers many benefits when visiting Egypt. It gives you freedom and flexibility to move around, visit all touristic attractions at your convenience, travel in luxury and adds comfort to your vacation. when you hire a car you can choose a driver to relieve yourself from the burden of driving in a foreign country and gives you time to enjoy every minute of your holiday. Driving will save you a lot of time visiting more Egyptian destinations. Car hire in Egypt is a lot of fun.

You can rent a car for all your holiday time or just to pick you up from airport to your hotel and vice versa. Either way you will have the choice of picking your favourite car specs and model. Whether it is automatic or manual transmission, with or without air-condition, and number of passengers. You can choose all the comforts you like or base your selection of the price of car rent.

When you rent a car you can fully enjoy your trip and see all the sights you like at your leisure. The following list is of car rental and car insurance services you can choose from.

List of car rental companies in Egypt:

Please note that this list is no way complete list of car rental companies in Egypt nor an endorsement of any company listed here. It is only intended as car hiring agencies contact information only. For any prices, car models or any other details you can contact the car rental agency itself.

Cairo car rental companies:
Company Name Tel number   Company Name Tel number
5 star trans and limo +20 2-24157070   Fawzy Shatt +20 2-33861106
A1 Car Rental +20 2-22621031   Forat and Nile limousine +20 2-33042764
Abu Omar Travel +20 2-38372603   Friends Car Rental & Limousine Service +20 2-26711416
Abu Ouf for car Rental +20 2-33034140   Grand Group For Car Rental +20 2-24925726
Al Andalos for car rental +20 2-38372606   Green Gear Car Rental +20 2-35716400
Al Buraq for car rental & Limousine Services +20 2-22704309   Green Miles Tours +20 2-29200804
El Hakeem car rental +20 2-22708139   HM Travel +20 2-26833310
Al Kysir Egypt +20 2-24189078   Horus for Car Rental +20 2-33441520
Amgad Car Rental & Limousine Services +20 2-23802308   International Car Rental Centre +20 2-26245755
Cairo Car For Cars Rental +20 2-33459248   International Company for Car Rent +20 2-25255923
Casper On The Run +20 2-24730214   Life Style International Group +20 2-22667945
City Cab - 16516 +20 2-27922349   Max Car Rent and Transportation +20 2-33035630
Contact limousine +20 2-27029128   Maxim Car Rental & Real Estate +20 2-33388741
Cross Road For Car Rental +20 2-26204457   Meroo Transport for Rent Car & Transportation +20 2-22737633
Cruise +20 2-25201661   Misr for Car Rental - Songo +20 2-35843723
Dahab For Car Rental & Limousine +20 2-33025049   Modern Group +20 2-25253919
Dalla Rent Car +20 2-26323923   New Car for Car Rental +20 2-22977344
Digital Group +20 2-22661652   New Castle for Car Rental +20 2-24196280
El Eman for Car rental +20 2-35856345   New Flash 02-22627373
El Fahd Car rental and Limousine services +20 2-22735870   New Shahd Limousine +20 2-37624802
El Farid Car rental +20 2-22614204   Nile for Cars Rental +20 2-27350115
El Mohandes Car Rental +20 2-26445407   Option Limousine +20 2-25176555
El Nawar for Car rental +20 2-26224111   Paradisio Travel +20 2-24014362
El Pasha for Car Rental +20 2-33467069   S. T. L Tourism Transportation +20 2-24502551
El Qods Car Rental +20 2-26329201   Selected Smart Limousine +20 2-25243006
El Reda for Car Rental +20 2-37625821   Shrouk Car Rental +20 2-33033122
El Saqr for Car Rental +20 2-33028384   Shouq Limousine +20 2-22735773
El Shawarby Group for Real Estate & Limousine +20 2-24184641   Smart Car Rental +20 2-25243006
El Waha for Car Rental +20 2-33053298   Tiba Golden Motors +20 2-22601204
Europcar +20 2-22672439   Top Limousine +20 2-37481727
Express Car Rental +20 2-23804048   Visa For Car Rental +20 2-33044910



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