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Cairo - Alexandria Egypt Trains schedule

Egyptian National Railway was the first to be established in Africa and the second in the world after the United Kingdom. The first railroad between Cairo and Alexandria was completed in 1856 during the reign of Khedive Abbas. Today the total length of Egyptian railway is approximately 9455 km carrying over 1.4 million passengers a day.

We should note that we hold no responsibility regarding the following information about Egypt Railway service numbers and train schedules and we are not affiliated in any way with the Egyptian railroad authority, so for accurate information about Egypt railway train schedule you will find a link at the bottom of this page to the official authority website.

Telephone numbers of train tickets reservations offices in Egypt:

City Tel Number City Tel Number
Cairo 25753555-25753147 Port Said 3221861
Alexandria 3923207 Suez 3564862
Alexandria (Sidi Gaber) 4274423 Giza 35717318
Banha 3252031 Bani Swaif 2324279
Tanta 3333031 El Menia 2362376
Kafr El Zayat 2542348 Asyut 2335623
Marsa Matruh 4933036 Luxor 2374804
El Mahalla 2222220 Aswan 2314754
Damietta 322575 Suhag 2372018
Zaqaziq 2302161 Damanhur 3308115
Ismailia 3911077 Qena 5325095

 The following table show the timetable of Trains from Cairo to Alexandria

Departure Arrival
05:45 09:05
07:00 09:25
08:00  10:25
08:15  11:10
10:00  13:00
12:00  14:30
12:45  16:05
14:00  16:25
15:00  17:25
15:30 18:30
17:00  19:30
18:00  20:30
19:00  21:10
20:15  23:10
22:15  00:45

Train schedule from Alexandria to Cairo

Alexandria Cairo
Departure Arrival


07:00 09:25
08:00 10:25
08:15 11:10
10:00 13:00
12:00 14:30
12:45 16:05
14:00 16:25
15:00 17:25
15:30 18:30
17:00 19:30
18:00 20:30


20:15 23:10


  • Egypt National Railways (Official Railroad authority of Egypt)
    For more information and Trains schedule between other cities in Egypt .
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Pramids, Sphinx and luxor temple Egypt


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